Choose from a full range of quality tyres in New Plymouth

As an independent New Zealand tyre stockist carrying some of the biggest international brands, Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd has what it takes to fulfil your automotive tyre needs. Our team’s knowledgeable approach to a broad range of additional vehicle requirements means that our locally-owned Taranaki-based business can cater not only to your car’s wheels and tyres, but also everything above the hubs, too.
GT Radial

Vehicle Tyres

Taranaki Tyretorque really does have your tyre needs covered. We stock the gamut of tyres to suit anything from performance cars, utes and four-wheel-drives to trucks and industrial vehicles, with top brands including Pirelli, KUMHO, and GT Radial. Our competent staff members ensure that your tyre replacement will be performed with the highest level of professionalism. We are knowledgeable and friendly, so if you’re not sure about the type of tyre that suits your motoring needs, simply ask and our experienced team will give you the advice you need to ensure that you will leave happy and with the product that is right for you.
Mag Rims

Mag Wheels

We stock an extensive range of rims, including top of the line mag wheels. At Taranaki Tyretorque, our trusted team can help you with the decision of which mag wheel style and size is best for your car, and for your requirements. 
Vehicle Safety

Vehicle Safety

Taranaki Tyretorque’s conservative and safety orientated reputation is one that we wear with pride; this is a team that you know you can trust. All tyres, whether for agricultural or farm use, come with the backing of our 35 years of company experience. Despite our low tyre and mag wheel prices, everything sold at Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd comes quality assured. When you buy your tyres at Taranaki Tyretorque, you really are doing your car a service.

Wheel Alignments

Your car’s wheel alignment is one of the most important aspects of the drive train, in order to maintain a smooth and safe ride. When you book in for a wheel alignment with Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd, you will receive not only the best care but also the latest available technology. We use Laser Wheel Alignment equipment. This technology ensures a precision alignment, resulting in optimal ride comfort, better fuel economy, and increased safety. A good wheel alignment also prolongs the life of new tyres.

Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd appreciate the importance of your car’s safe and reliable functionality. We endeavour to provide a comprehensive and professional vehicle tyre service, at the best possible prices. Buying your wheels and tyres from Taranaki Tyretorque is a necessity!

Call our friendly team at Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd today on (06) 757 5988 for more information on our tyres and mag wheels – we’re here to help you.
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