Your first stop for tyre customisation services in New Plymouth

Here at Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd, the business of customising vehicles is not just a job, it’s a passion. Our staff members have a great enthusiasm for car appearance and performance, and we are the obvious choice in Taranaki if your project vehicle requires any modifications or sexy finishing touches. We’re helpful, and we promise you excellent customer service.

Mag Wheels and Rubber Vehicle Tyres

After-market magnesium alloy wheels are a great way to lower your car’s un-sprung weight, thereby improving its power to weight ratio and hence, performance. There is no better place to fit out your vehicle with a set of the best looking mag wheels and top quality rubber tyres around than Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd. Just bring in your ride, and have a chat with our experienced team. We’ll help you to select the best combination of wheels and tyres to suit your requirements.

Vehicle Suspension

A set of high quality shocks with lowered coils can greatly improve both the handling of your car and your car’s aesthetics. Taranaki Tyretorque have a complete range of suspension components from high performance sports suspension kits, giving your customised vehicle spectacular cornering capabilities; to the more standard lowering kits, if it’s the appearance of your customised vehicle that’s your greatest concern. Whatever the concern, our team understand that a customised car customer’s needs are unique, and we will do whatever it takes to ensure that you leave as a satisfied customer of our customised car services.
Customised Engine

Custom Exhausts

A customised, free flowing exhaust system is another way to increase not only the horse power, but also the fuel economy and overall engine efficiency of your customised car. The Taranaki Tyretorque team can build you a custom exhaust system using the best manifolds, piping, and mufflers available, which will significantly benefit performance and harness that true racy sound. If you really want your customised car to turn heads, a custom exhaust system is a great purchase, and can really add value to your vehicle investment.

Taranaki Tyretorque is a family owned business which has been in operation for over 35 years. Such a fine display of longevity is an indication that our small business knows how our customers like to be treated. We have many long-term customers that trust us to provide a full range of vehicle maintenance, repairing, and customisation services.

Call our friendly team at Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd today on (06) 757 5988 for more information on our vehicle customisation services – we’re here to help you.
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