Wheel alignments and automotive services in Taranaki from specialists you can trust

We tailor our services around your needs
While it’s true that our team at Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd specialise in providing customers with quality new car tyres and mag wheels, we also perform extremely well when it comes to car repairs, and service. We’re your automotive “one stop shop” in Taranaki.

Automotive Repairs

Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd provides an outstanding car repair service, with the honesty and integrity that anyone would come to expect from 35 years of family business. When you bring in your vehicle for repairs, you can be sure of a top notch, cost effective and efficient job, without the drawbacks often associated with some other car repair shops.

Automotive Servicing

Our qualified mechanics can perform a full service on your car – that’s oil, filters, coolant and level checks – further proving the versatility of Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd. A quality service performed with the utmost efficiency comes guaranteed. With our team’s outstanding work ethic and “service with a smile” attitude, customer relations are sure to be kept strong for generations to come.

Right advice to best suit your personal requirements

If you are not sure of your tyre selection, we'll give you the right advice. Talk to us about your vehicle and usage and we can ensure that you are using the correct tyres for your vehicle and personal application.
Free Wheel Alignment

Free Vehicle Wheel Alignment

Every set of new tyres come with a complimentary wheel alignment, to ensure that your quality rubber tyres don’t become the victim of uneven wear patterns. We offer the advantage of the unprecedented accuracy of the Laser Wheel Alignment equipment at Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd.

A Tyretorque wheel alignment doesn’t take long to achieve, and it’s a painless procedure. You really can’t go wrong having your wheels aligned by our qualified team.

Warrant of Fitness (WOF) Requirements

Need a Warrant of Fitness for your car? The competent team at Taranaki Tyretorque can take care of that, too. As a valued customer whose satisfaction and safety are paramount, you can be sure of a thorough and fair inspection of your vehicle each and every time you visit us.

Repeat clients have always been the essence of Taranaki Tyretorque – our ambition is retaining and building on this client base by maintaining and building on this level of excellence.

Suspension and Brakes

Vehicle brakes and suspension are commonly overlooked automotive components, but these are hugely important elements in ensuring the safety of your vehicle when on New Zealand roads. Bring in your vehicle regularly for a reliable suspension and brake check at Taranaki Tyretorque – after all, your life could depend on it.

Our Taranaki-based car servicing team are looking forward to treating you with the professionalism and integrity we extend to all valued customers here at Taranaki Tyretorque.

Call our friendly team at Taranaki Tyretorque Ltd today on (06) 757 5988 for more information on our Automotive Repairs and Servicing options – we’re here to help you.
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